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Zoo Checklist for your Trip to the Zoo

As a parent, I’ve learned the hard way that it is essential to make sure you’ve packed everything you and your children need for your trip to the zoo. So, I’ve prepared a basic list list of the most common items you will need for your zoo trip. For your convenience, I’ve also made a Printable Zoo Checklist. Check each item off when it is packed or write N/A. There is space at the end for special items for your family. I hope you and your family have a great trip!

Zoo Checklist

1. Tickets/Zoo Pass ___

2. Your personal itinerary ___

3. Zoo map ___

4. Baby items (if required): diaper bag ___ , diapers ___ , diaper wipes ___ , diaper rash cream ___ , diaper pad ___ , formula and/or nursing supplies ___ , baby food ___ , pacifiers ___ , toys ___ , stroller ___ , extra clothes ___ , other _______________ ___

5. Packed lunch or money for lunch ___

6. Lots of snacks ___

7. Water bottles for everyone ___

8. Umbrella/ other rain gear ___

9. First aid kit ___

10. Camera ___

11. Hats/visors ___

12. Natural sunscreen* ___

13. Natural bug spray* ___

14. Prescription medicines ___

15. Extra money for souvenirs and emergencies ___

16. Other ________________________ ___

17. Other ________________________ ___

Other Tips for your Successful Zoo Trip

If you haven’t already, check out my other article on 10 Tips for Taking your Family to the Zoo (and surviving!). If you are not sure where there is a zoo in your area, check out our Directory of Zoos in the United States.

*Lastly, I only recommend natural sunscreens and bug spray. Too many of the conventional brands contain poisons which are not good for your family or your habitat/planet.

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