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Posted by on February 25, 2011

Elephants are intelligent, magnificent, beautiful and well…BIG! Weighing up to 12,000 pounds, elephants are Earth’s largest land animal. There are two kinds of elephants: the African Elephant and the Asian Elephant.

ElephantWhat do Elephants look like?

Elephants are the largest land animal alive.  They have a very long nose, or trunk, which they use to smell, drink, touch, grab, carry, throw  and trumpet.  Except for female Asian elephants,  they also have long majestic tusks, which they use to help them dig and clean bark off of trees. Elephants have large floppy ears which help it stay cool. Asian elephants have smaller ears than African elephants. Elephant’s skin is thick and gray.

Where do Elephants live?

The African elephant lives in grasslands and forests, scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Some scientists recently divided this group into two: the African Bush Elephant and the African Forest Elephant, with the Bush elephants living in savannahs and the forest elephants living in equatorial forests.

What do Elephants Families look like?

Elephants are social creatures. They live and travel together in small to medium size herds, led by the oldest female. A female elephant is pregnant for almost two years (22 months) before her baby calf is born.

What do Elephants eat?

Elephants are herbivores, or vegetarians.  Elephants eat mostly leaves, fruit, roots, grass and bark.

Frank and George’s Fun facts about Elephants

Elephants have good memory.

Video of Elephants

Links to more information about Elephants

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Elephant Drawing Pages, Crafts, Games, and Activities

Look at real paintings DRAWN BY Elephants!
Elephant coloring page
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Various Elephant crafts, including a folder paper elephant, egg carton elephant, and paper plate elephant.

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