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Leopard Geckos

Posted by on February 25, 2011

What do Leopard Geckos look like?

Leopard geckos are small lizards that grow to be 8-10 inches long. They are usually yellow with black spots (like a leopard) with a white belly. Their skin is dry and bumpy, and, like all reptiles, they shed their skin regularly. Leopard geckos are one of the few geckos that have eyelids. They also have claws on their toes, instead of toe pads that help other geckos climb walls.
Leopard gecko

Where do Leopard Geckos live?

Leopard geckos in the wild are mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of India and Iran in central east Asia.  They have also become a popular pets.

What do Leopard Geckos Families look like?

A female gecko will lay a couple of soft leathery eggs. She will bury the eggs and leave the babies to fend for themselves. The eggs usually hatch after 45-53 days.

What do Leopard Geckos eat?

Leopard geckos mainly eat insects, worms, and spiders.  They are hunters and prefer to hunt live prey.  Usually a gecko will catch and swallow its prey whole.  They hunt at night.  Pet owners typically feed their geckos crickets and meal worms.

Leopard Geckos as Pets

Because they are hardy and easy to care for, leopard geckos have become very popular as pets. They do not like to be held much, but children can enjoy feeding them and watching them in their tanks. Caring for “Gecky” in 1st grade helped inspire both Frank’s and George’s love of animals. Leopard gecko breeders and sellers have also created new “morphs” by carefully mixing gecko genes over long periods. Now animal lovers can purchase albino, tangerine, and many other cool-looking leopard geckos.

Frank and George’s Fun facts about Leopard Geckos

  • Their tails can fall off and then grow back.
  • Sometimes their tails grow back in funny ways, like having two or three prongs.
  • You can see right through a leopard gecko’s head by looking through it’s ears.

Video of Leopard Geckos

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