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Reticulated Pythons

Posted by on August 14, 2011

Reticulated Python picture Reticulated pythons are colorful snakes with a colorful net-like pattern on their bodies.They are the world’s longest snake, growing up to 28 ft. in length.They are not poisonous, but they are strong enough to kill a human, although this is very rare.

Where do Reticulated Pythons live?

They are found in Southeast Asia. Reticulated pythons live in rain forests, woodlands, and nearby grassland.

What do Reticulated Pythons Families look like?

After the mother lays between 15 and 100 soft leathery eggs, she wraps her body around her eggs to keep them warm and safe. When the eggs hatch in about three months, the baby reticulated pythons are on their own.

What do Reticulated Pythons eat?

Reticulated pythons are carnivores that kill by wrapping their body around their prey and squeezing. When their prey is dead, they will swallow it whole. In the wild they eat mostly mammals and birds. Smaller pythons may eat small mammals like rats and chicken; larger ones may eat large deer and pigs.

Frank and George’s Fun facts about Reticulated Pythons

  • While Reticulated Pythons are the longest snake, they are not the heaviest.
  • Do Reticulated Pythons make good pets?

    Because they are such a beautiful and powerful snake, “retics” have become popular as pets. However, they do not generally make good pets. They are one of the few animals that can pose a threat to humans, especially children. The video below demonstrates how powerful these snakes can be. It takes seven people just to manage that one writhing snake. Snakes can also escape and pose a threat to neighbors and other local wildlife.

    Video of Reticulated Pythons

    Watch this beautiful reticulated python at a zoo. It’s colors are amazing, and you can see the strength and power in this animal as it slithers about the tree branch.

    It takes a full seven adults to control and measure the length of this powerful retic. This is not a happy snake.

    Links to more information about Reticulated Pythons

    Wikipedia: Python reticulatus Find out more about the myth that reticulated pythons have actually consumed people.
    The Reticulated Python on Reptile Discovery Find out how reticulated python skins were used in the movies, Crocodile Dundee and Shrek. Also learn about Fluffy, Samantha, and Marcy.
    Reticulated Python on Rain Forest Animals Learn how a mother uses her body to raise the temperature of her eggs.

    Reticulated Python Drawing Pages, Crafts, and Games

    Python party craft This craft was modeled after the python in Disney’s Jungle Book.
    Sock Puppet Snake Make the sock puppet as directed, but using the colors for the picture above.
    Python Diorama Create a python habitat; for older children.
    Get a measuring tape and measure how long the longest reticulated python would be, 33ft. Do you think you could keep something that big?

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